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High search rankings are based on many factors, but two are essential: targeting the right keywords and developing the associated, engaging content. But not just any content will do. It must show your expertise, be authoritative and prove you are trustworthy (E-A-T). 

CO2 Group Marketing will help you develop E-A-T content that will get you ranked:

  • Product Pages

  • Blogs

  • Infographics

  • Videos

  • eBooks

  • Technical Resources

  • Success Stories

  • White Papers

  • Press Releases

  • Earned Media (e.g., reviews)

What is a Content Development?

Content development is the process of creating, editing, manipulating and maintaining written and visual communications related to a specific entity such as a person, product, company or organization. Content can take many forms including text, illustration, photos and videos. Content is typically published online to web and social media sites for the purpose of creating awareness, interest and confidence in the publisher.

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