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Packaging design is critical to the success of consumer packaged goods. Packaging is your silent salesman in retail stores, communicating the identity of the product it contains and why it should be purchased. Your package typically has <5 seconds to accomplish these objectives and get a person passing by it to stop.


Packaging design from CO2 Group Marketing will help your product standout on the shelf, quickly communicate the right message, and create purchasing interest in passersby. Package form factors include:

  • Closed Box

  • Show Me Box

  • Open & Demo Box

  • Club Pack

  • Bag

  • Cylinder

  • Custom


Our comprehensive packaging design services also take into account shipping requirements, development/production costs​, and case pack requirements, and master carton requirements to ensure your package not only looks great, but meets retailer requirements and is cost-effective.

What is a Club Pack?

A club pack is a package design created specifically for sale in warehouse clubs such as Costco, Sam's Club and BJs. Club packs often combine a standard product with several accessories or a bonus product to create additional consumer value. The form factor of a club pack often has a flat press board backer that fits in a slotted tray. Trays are stacked for in-store display on the same palettes that are used to ship the product to the club. Empty trays are removed from the palette as product is purchased.

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