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Strategic planning. Who needs a strategic plan? All you need is a great idea and the rest will take care of itself, right?


This is rarely true. We've seen seemingly great ideas fall flat and average ideas set the world on fire. Why does this happen? It's often the strategy around the idea that makes the difference.

At CO2 Group Marketing, we examine every variable that can impact the success of your product from competition to product costs to market availability to launch timing (and many more).


And let's not forget cash flow, the Achilles heel of many new (and often existing) CPG companies. Getting the big order is great, paying for production is not so great, and waiting to get paid is sometimes crippling.

CO2 Group Marketing will help you manage your growth by creating a realistic strategic plan that navigates cash flow and other potential issues to create sustained revenue streams, meet profitability targets and attract investors.

When done well, a good strategic plan leads to few surprises. Things work as expected, and that makes sleeping at night a whole lot easier.  

What is Strategic Planning?

A strategic plan details a company’s market opportunities and its ability to successfully take advantage of those opportunities. Business executives create a successful strategic plan from business experience, historical data and market research. They also focus on the company's financial position, product mix and staffing/capital requirements. Put simply; a strategic plan is the handbook for identifying a company's growth opportunities and objectives over a specified period of time, budgeting expenses and investment to service those opportunities and detailing how each functional area within the company contributes to reaching those objectives. 

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