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The Dunk Collection

The Dunk Collection Logo_edited.png

What is the Dunk Collection?

The Dunk Collection is about family fun and having its products in every bedroom, dorm room, office and bathroom in America.  They provide high quality basketball-inspired products to sports minded families seeking exciting and entertaining ways to combat the mundane chores of laundry, trash and bathing. Their products include The Dirty Dunk (yes, that product from the 1980s), The Document Dunk, The Document Dunk Mini, and The Scrub-a-Dunk.

The Dunk Collection Marketing Project Overview

CO2 Group Marketing provides a wide variety of marketing services to The Dunk Collection. This includes product strategy, channel strategy & development, product design (The Document Dunk Mini), packaging design, brand development, graphic design, copywriting, photography, image editing, and POP design.

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