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Video is the most utilized type of online content per Google - especially by younger users such as Generation Y (millennials) and Generation Z.  ​Like email marketing, videos should be part of every marketing strategy.

Producing videos for online consumption isn't necessarily hard. Almost everyone has a high quality video camera in their pocket or purse. The challenge is generating quality views by your target audience and driving the desired behavior. A generic product video typically isn't the answer to drive online awareness (hint: the answer is often in your SEO strategy). However, it may be perfect as B-roll used on a home shopping network segment.


CO2 Group Marketing will help you define an effective video strategy based on your business objectives. We will then collaborate with you to determine how each video will be produced and distributed:

  • Turnkey solution by CO2 Group Marketing (we handle everything)

  • A combination effort between you and us (e.g., you shoot - maybe even on an iPhone, we edit, we jointly distribute)

  • You produce, edit and distribute based on the direction outlined in the video strategy

Do I Need a Video Producer?

Video production can take many forms from selfies shot with a smartphone to expensive, high-end TV commercials shot by Hollywood-based film crews. The latter includes a video producer, who basically is a project manager. The producer oversees all elements of video production including schedule, locations, talent, travel, budget, equipment, staff, etc. Without a producer, the video is almost impossible to make. There are too many moving parts. So does your video project need a producer? If it involves a complex shoot and really needs to impress - yes. If it is utilitarian in nature (e.g., product troubleshooting) or simple social media outreach (e.g., update on a product launch), probably not.  

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